Future Bride Made Sure Groom Chase Chrisley’s Birthday Went Perfect

chase chrisley

Todd Chrisley is serving time in prison and his son Chase Chrisley, celebrating his birthday, didn’t sit right with the haters of Chrisley’s. Chase is 27 years old. He also got engaged last year in October to his long-time girlfriend Emmy Medders. He never pushed a stop button in his life. He cared less about what has been going on with his father Todd Chrisley and his mom Julie Chrisley. His sister Savannah Chrisley got the adoption approval for her brother Grayson and niece. Chase and Emmy are currently celebrating his birthday near the beach.

Chase Chrisley Got An ‘Extended’ Family

Chrisley started dating Emmy Medders in 2020. They parted ways in 2021 and again reconciled a year later. This time he did take the risks and proposed to her in October. Chrisley and Emmy Medders have been engaged since October.

He rented the first Horizon baseball stadium. He laid out 175,000 rose petals shaped like hearts. It was romantic and surprising. Chase Chrisley back then said he couldn’t wait to start a family with Emmy. In April Emmy Medders mentioned they were not in a hurry to walk down the aisle any time soon.

They are enjoying the engagement season currently. They haven’t picked a date yet for the wedding. And not even started on planning for the wedding. She is aware of Chase Chrisley’s family situation. Both of his parents are serving time, and things have been rough on them. It would be insensitive of them to get married now. His whole family is suffering and adjusting.

Chase Chrisley’s brother-in-law Trip Medders also posted a photo on Instagram wishing his sister’s fiance a happy birthday.