Lala Kent Opens Up On Sperm Donor For Her Upcoming

Lala Kent
Lala Kent

Lala Kent reveals to only trust sperm donors. She wants to follow this process by the beginning of the upcoming year. Lala Kent shares with Scheana Shay, her co-star that she would try to get pregnant by summer in an episode of Scheananigans podcast of Dear Media.

She claims to opt for IUI instead of IVF. In the process of the IUI which is intrauterine insemination, the sperm in the expectation of forming an embryo is directly put inside the uterus of a woman. However, in IVF which is invitro fertilization, the procedure is slightly different from intrauterine insemination. In in vitro fertilization, an extracted egg from a woman is kept in the laboratory. There it is fertilized and when it grows into an embryo, its put back into the mother’s womb.

She says that she is healthy enough to just go through the process of insemination. 

Lala Kent Is Adamant On Having A Sperm Donor

Scared of any mishappening, Kent has not given up on being a mother but would not risk it on a man. Her fist born Child Ocean was welcomed in the month of March 2021 while she was engaged to Randall Emmett. However, after a span of seven months Randall Emmett who was 51 and a movie producer was dumped by the founder of the Give Them Lala Beauty. Lala Kent broke up with him on the grounds of cheating.

Reports claim Randall to live a double life as told by a source. Flexible as he is. He sometimes lives the life of a boyfriend on husband then moves on to live a serial partier’s life and then someday he lands as a bender. It is also noted that Kent accused Emmett of getting physical with her when confronted about the infidelity which then led to their separation. However, he adamantly denied the accusations.