Jue Lan Club In Trouble After Recent Spat

Jue Lan Club
Jue Lan Club

According to Page Six, the celebrity hotspot named Jue Lan Club has been sued based on unpaid wages, battery, and assault after allegedly removing an ex-employee over racial verbal, and physical attacks.

Mexican, Jose Luis Toxqui files a complaint on 15th September in New York claiming that he was abused and berated for 20 minutes by Naiome Ram after which he was fired. He also claimed that the angry Jue Lan Club owner punched his chest and face at the time of the argument.

Vehement Accusations On Jue Lan Club

The Jue Lan Club owner, Ram does not accept the allegations imposed. Rather she tells Page Six that being a Guyanese herself and an immigrant too, she would never state a racist comment as such.

But Page Six has exclusively gotten its hands into audio with Ram commenting otherwise. The audio has captured the voices of Ram, Jue Lan Club manager, and some other females not only making racist statements but also Toxqui being spoken to in foul and abusive language. A loud thump like a punch is also heard in the recording. 

Torque tells in the lawsuit that he has been accused of stealing recipes and his wife, a worker in the competitive Sei Less gives them away. As told to Page six by a source, such allegations are laughable and ridiculous.

When Ram was asked about this allegation, she simply denies whereas the audio clip proves her wrong. She does make such remarks about Toxqui and blames the innocent husband and wife. Toxqui is hardly heard in the audio of almost 12 minutes. Eventually, the police were called. Ram agrees that a dispute broke off on 18th August 2022 because she claims to have caught some male employee and Toxqui, stealing bottles of liquor and money but not recipes.

However, after much involvement and allegations against each other, what cannot be overlooked is Ram’s anger issues which have not been addressed for a very long time.