Matthew Morrison’s Wife Opens Up About Her Husband’s Exit

matthew morrison

Matthew Morrison’s wife simply had praises for the celeb’s integrity and grace even as he was fired from the show over an alleged relationship with a contestant. The alum of Glee- who was also participating in So You Think You Can Dance had definitely gone through a tumultuous week, and his wife was definitely his biggest pillar of support.

His wife, Renee Puente, wrote in an Instagram post on Thursday that it had been quite a complicated couple of days. Her husband had finally been given the chance to explain his side of things. And the way he did it, according to her, was filled with grace and integrity for a situation that could get incredibly complicated.

Matthew Morrison Has Been Booted Off SYTYCD 

The 37-year-old wife of Matthew Morrison also went on to repost a video of him where he read the alleged text message that had led to his abrupt departure from the show one week into its 17th season. Puente further wrote that cruelty and gossip were veritable poison that had penetrated into the depths of their society and had definitely made people forget who they truly were beacons of compassion and love. 

The native of Hawaii finally concluded her post by thanking all those followers who were supporting her in her decision to back Matthew Morrison. The news about his departure did break on the 27th of May when the actor was booted as the judge of So You Think You Can Dance for breaking a lot of the protocols of the competition production- which he said had also prevented him from being able to judge the competition in an unbiased manner.

Just a few days later, People went on to report that the judge had been fired from the show after having an alleged inappropriate relationship with one of the female contestants- with one source claiming that while they didn’t sleep together, he had reached out to her with flirty text messages on social media. 

The contestant had felt quite uncomfortable and contacted the production house which then booted Matthew Morrison off the show.