On His Thirty-Eighth Birthday, Lauren London posted a tribute to Nipsey Hussle called “Forever More”

Lauren London

On what could have been Nipsey’s 38th birthday, Lauren London has been taking time to commemorate her deceased lover, rap artist Nipsey Hussle. She said that her post was in remembrance of her lover and the day he was born. On 15th August, she wrote, “Forevermore,” and then added that she loved him, to the 10.4M Insta followers.

The 38-year-old “You People” actor often paid tributes to Nipsey, including on 31st March—four years after the day he was fatally shot. She shared a monochromatic picture of Hussle with the message that she held her breath throughout the month in fear of facing the memories of the moment he left her forever.

Lauren London Opens Up On Her Journey Of Healing After The Passing Of Her Lover

After expressing her respects to Hussle, Lauren London has always gotten the highest support from individuals in her network, with several friends and fans, including Yara Shahidi, and Taraji Henson, putting blue hearts in remembrance of his memory. In 2013, they began dating, and in August 2016, they gave birth to a son, Kross E. Asghedom. Hussle’s daughter Emani, whom he had with his former lover Tanisha Foster, is another tribute to him. Kameron Carter, a son, of 13, who Lauren London has with Lil Wayne, is also a parent. On a January edition of a podcast, London spoke out about her experiences since the tragic incident as the anniversary of the late rapper’s passing drew near.

London told the media that she has to get up with this mindset that she would still have to go through days without him, days that seem exhausting, even if she does not want to. She believes that this was what healing was and even if it was tiring, she has been making steady progress.