Online Haters Target Sandra Bullock Amid Frightening “Blind Side” Allegations

Sandra Bullock

She received a shock. In response to troubling new allegations made by ex-NFL player Michael, who served as the inspiration for Sandra Bullock’s 2009 movie “The Blind Side,” Sandra Bullock has received some unfavorable responses. In court docs filed this week, the offensive tackle, 37, claimed that even though guardians Leigh A. Tuohy and Sean never formally adopted him, they still benefited from his accomplishment. The book “The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game” from 2006 served as the inspiration for the film. It was written by the famous Michael Lewis and centers on Michael, one of the thirteen kids raised by a heroin addict, and his ascent to football glory after being adopted by the affable Tuohy family.

Amid Hateful Allegations, Sandra Bullock Backed Up By Fans And Supporters

Insisting that the actress, who is mourning the tragic passing of boyfriend Bryan Randall, has somehow been responsible for the entire Sandra Bullock must give back her Oscar debate criticized sportscaster Brandon Walker, some armchair commentators are hastily passing judgment on social media. Another critic complained that Sandra Bullock shouted  ‘run the damn ball’ a few times and marveled at the academy with her performance. Another online commenter said that it made them angry how the entire ‘Blind Side’ being fake made them hate Bullock. Many admirers have jumped to Bullock’s defense, saying that the 59-year-old actor, was only doing her job and is not accountable for anything other than that, nearly submerging in the torrent of criticism hurled at The Proposal actress. One supporter countered that it was pointless to be mad at Sandra Bullock since she is not supposed to be aware of the reality of the situation and that the lady had tricked everybody.

Richard Roeper, a critic for movies and television, criticized Sandra Bullock for her role in the dramatized adaption of the movie. “To blame her for these recent and extremely disturbing allegations regarding the true-life story is completely misguided and unfair.”