Sandra Bullock Not Interested To Use Social Media

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock, the actress, is not a fan of social media due to one of her movies where she was a part in 1995. Sandra Bullock is 57 years old and she announced that she is not interested to use social media due to her movie ‘The Net’. 

Sandra Bullock Learned From Her Movie ‘The Net’

In conversation with Julia Cunningham, the co-host of The Jess Cagle Show, Sandra Bullock was asked the reason for her long absence from social media. She replied that she has learned many lessons from that action thriller movie that was released in the 90s and is trying to follow that. 

Sandra Bullock stated that she has met real-life hackers when people did not know much about them and wondered whether they really existed or not. The hackers can even order a pizza from someone else’s computer. The thriller movie, The Net, had famous actors like Dennis Miller and Jeremy Northam and Sandra Bullock played the character of a programmer in a software company. 

In that movie, Sandra Bullock had to reveal the real intentions of a conspiracy conducted by the Government while trying to save her identity. She also stated once in an interview with InStyle that being on Instagram is not a mandatory thing for her. She joked that most of the content on social media is false or fake and realizing that they are putting on a show, she feels funny. 

She said that she is fully aware of what is happening around the world and once her own children start using social media, she will also use it with the help and guidance of her children. Sandra Bullock is recently doing a movie with Brad Pitt, Daniel Radcliffe, and Channing Tatum in the upcoming movie The Lost City. 

She stated that recently Laila, her daughter, and Tatum’s daughter are always fighting in school for which the Principal of the school is regularly calling them.