Lena Dunham Writes Message Honoring And Thanking Nurses For Saving Her

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham’s message for her thirty-seventh birthday honors nurses and says that without their hard work and sacrifice, she would not have been there enjoying her life. She further thanked them for their wisdom, passion, and will.

As Lena Dunham turns 37, she considers healthcare professionals. “The Girls” originator wrote a thank-you letter to nurses in honor of her birthday on Saturday.

Lena Dunham Living Her Best Life Post Getting Sober 

On her 37th birthday, Dunham said on Instagram that she salutes them for the incredible job they have been doing. Adding that if it had not been for their knowledge, unimaginable sacrifice, and tenacity, she would not have been there enjoying the beauty and benefits of being alive. Further joking that not every hero wore capes, some donned clogs.

The last five years, as per Lena Dunham herself, have been the best and most joyful years of her life so far. Lena Dunham claimed that living a drug-free life had offered her a renewed thrill and thirst for life and some new resources to live better.

She additionally said that it was only because of all the help she had received that she has been able to not only get but also remain sober. She said that she received incredible help as well as resources in every way possible, be it mentally or physically. Adding on to it she said that for several addicts, the distinction between staying clean and using is dependent more on the kind of resources they can get as compared to their strength or willpower. For the ones who are trying to make ends meet already, the system does not help.

Lena Dunham has been celebrating five years of sobriety after having been to rehab due to benzodiazepines.