Rihanna Celebrates Baby RZA’s First Birthday With Partner A$AP Rocky


The carousel of various family images played as the 35-year-old pregnant singer and her boyfriend, 34, celebrated the birthday of their kid RZA Athelstan.

RZA was pictured cuddled up next to Rocky on a quilt towards the beginning of the post, kissing him on the nose. He also posted numerous additional images of them including Rihanna laughing and playing funny in front of the mirror while giving cute poses for the picture.

Rihanna Opens Up About The Weird Things That Make One A Mother 

The pleased father then shared additional photos and videos of himself spending time with his baby, including one in which he was shaving while holding RZA on his lap. The last slide of his photo session featured a clip of Ol’ Dirty Bastard, a founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan, declaring during an awards ceremony saying that his Clan was for children. 

He wished his baby a gorgeous first birthday and wrote in the Instagram description the image that Wu-Tang was for children. RZA’s name has been kept as a tribute to Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, the head of the hip-hop group, Wu-Tang Clan, and a rapper as well as a producer better known by his stage name RZA. Nearly a year has passed since the “Umbrella” artist and Rocky had their first child together, and only a couple of months have passed since Rihanna shocked everyone by announcing her second pregnancy in the middle of her halftime Super Bowl performance.

Rihanna in many of her interviews discussed being a mother, calling the first couple of months “amazing” with the child. She spoke about how it was about the weirdest of cravings and things that only happen when one is a mother. She describes the feeling as something that completely transforms a person, turning them into whole other being when they are a mother.