Lindsey Vonn Discloses That She Will Have Knee Surgery

Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn has been getting ready for a knee replacement operation.

In response to the question “What was your most recent procedure that you had?,” the 38-year-old ex-Olympic skier who has undergone many knee surgeries ever since she retired around 2019, shared her health details on Sunday in a Q&A session on Instagram. I’ve been advised that TKA is the only choice. Vonn answered, posting a picture of her bandaged knee on her Story. “I just performed a knee replacement prep procedure,” Vonn said. Hope to undergo the following procedure this spring.

Lindsey Vonn Believes This Operation Is A Major Step In Helping Her Permanently

After being asked by a fan for guidance on what should be done following ACL surgery, Lindsey Vonn also shared a clip of herself performing a knee workout.  The athlete suggested that individuals practice daily extension and complete flexion to improve their motion range. Lindsey Vonn had surgery to fix her ruptured LCL in 2019, but her knee issues have persisted ever since. After announcing in July that she would be having another surgery, Vonn stated on Instagram, “I’ve been coping I’ve been attempting to control the discomfort to the extent I can considering the damage my ski riding career has caused.”

“This operation is a significant step in helping me permanently. I hope it will assist me for a little while, but there’s still much to be done and perhaps another operation on the horizon,” she added. The updates on Lindsey Vonn’s knee come after disclosing that she had been stung by a “giant jellyfish.” In September, Vonn uploaded pictures of the wound via her story on Instagram and asked for advice on handling the sting. She also shared a picture behind her leg with a red, and swollen spot on her thigh.