Lindsey Vonn Shares Being Stung By “Massive Jellyfish”

Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn has encountered a worrying situation and is hoping the internet can help. On September 19th, the former skier who has performed in the Olympics posted about being stung. On her story on Instagram, she shared pictures of a wound that looked particularly painful. In the caption, she requested any soothing methods that her fans may know.

Lindsey Vonn Is In A Pickle

In the first caption, 38-year-old Lindsey Vonn asked if anyone knew any tips for when a massive jellyfish stings someone. With the question, Vonn also posted a picture showing the backside of her leg, which was wet. There, a big red and swollen patch was visible as it covered her upper thigh as well. She was still standing beside the water immediately after getting stung.

In a second picture, Lindsey Vonn can be seen testing one of the suggested methods. It involved soaking the stung area in some hot water. Vonn captioned the image as such. In the last picture, Vonn showed the viewers another close-up of the wound. By now, the swelling had gone down. However, a big patch still remained of deep red marks. Near the picture’s bottom, Vonn gave her fans a poll with a sliding bar asking them how concerned about the injury she should be.

A couple of weeks in the past the athlete had undergone knee surgery. In the previous month, Vonn had posted about the treatment on Instagram through a candid take. She had just informed her fans about the latest procedure and displayed the surgery’s scars through a video. She captioned it as a big reveal and asked the fans how the scars looked. She explained that it had been a week since the surgery so it was still a bit raw.