Hayden Panettiere Goes For Different Hues Of Pink With A Hint Of Green

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere shared a fresh styling to her air on Instagram that added a dash of color to her already pink hues. The actress posted two pictures on social media. It showed her favorite pink, but the pink was contrasted by a hint of green. It set off the pink underneath for the once-blond actress.

Hayden Panettiere posted on her Instagram account on Monday as she revealed her new hairdo. She had also enhanced the pink color in her hair. She posted pics on Instagram. It showed a pink hairdo glowing all the more with a touch of green marking that made up the watermelon effect. She captioned the picture thanking the creator for her looks and mentioning that she loved her new-look watermelon vibes. She rounded off the message to her 750,000 followers by adding an emoji of a watermelon slice.

Hayden Panettiere Back With Her Convicted Boyfriend

Hayden Panettiere was dressed in a denim top. She was smiling in the photo as she was stunning with her new boldly colorful look. She added tags in her post to Erick Orellana, her hair colorist, Janice Daoud, her makeup artist, and Rena Calhoun, her hairdresser. Hayden had gone for a makeover from her blonde looks a few weeks ago. She first went all pink earlier this month. She was seen in her bubblegum pink hair earlier with Brian Hickerson, her on-and-off boyfriend, who is also a convicted felon.

Their relationship has run the full gamut of love and hatred as he was charged multiple times for assaulting Hayden Panettiere and badly injuring her. But they have been spotted back together since November last year, pointing to another round of reconciliation. Hayden Panettiere did not give outright confirmation but hinted that the two could be back together again. She has insisted that while they were back on the road to friendship, their relationship was contingent on Brian continuing on the road to recovery.