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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Los Angeles Lakers Are Looking at Kyle Kuzma To Deliver this Season

LA Lakers have got their new Mr. Dependable in Kyle Kuzma- as both Anthony Davis and LeBron James have been taking it pretty easy till now. In one of the exhibition plays, Kuzma was one of the most productive players on the court. He averaged 22 points, along with 4 assists and rebounds each- and these were accrued each contest with 36 minutes to a game. Also, he has improved his shooting skills- throwing close to 47.6% of his shots beyond the three-point zone- something that was just 32% last season. 

Kyle Kuzma- The New Star of the Lakers?

However, the Lakers have been more than impressed with the work ethic shown by Kyle Kuzma. Head coach Frank Vogel has applauded the hard work shown by the young star. Vogel spoke about how Kuzma was literally the hardest worker in training- something which has replicated in real-time performances. Currently, Kuzma is enjoying the form of his life- without hurrying or rushing through his actions. 

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Kuzma, on his part, has spoken about how the standard of his game improved after he spent hours polishing his technique throughout the offseason. And let’s not forget, he did come off as a winner- with the Lakers winning the title. He mentioned that he had been working on his three-pointers. While he is at it, he has also been trying to find out what his role is in the team- something that the coach has spoken to him at length. 

One of Kyle’s biggest talents is shooting off the move- and he has been exploiting that talent to even superior levels. Last season saw him mostly as a bencher, as he averaged close to 12.8 points every contest. But since then he has grown defensively stronger- something which will transform into more game time. 


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