Instagram and Facebook Have Started Disabling Certain Features for their European Market


From next week, several messaging apps like Facebook and Instagram would come under some rules by the EU called the ePrivacy directive. For this, Facebook has already decided to shut down several interactive options and provide just the messaging service, until things settle down.

One of the features that Facebook will switch is the group chat polls that Messenger boasts of. You also won’t be able to put up nicknames for your friends on Messenger. Face filters, and sharing images after processing through Face filters will also be deactivated throughout Europe. Facebook has not yet gone ahead and updated a list because they are positive that they would be able to get certain features back soon. 

Why Is There a Need to Disable Certain Facebook or Instagram Features?

It needs to be mentioned that neither Facebook nor Instagram will have their messaging services disabled during this period. The company mentioned that they have been trying to ensure that they can get back the services through proper channels. Also, they need to make sure that the new features conform to the new regulations- while being easier to work with.

Interestingly, no ban has been placed on the use of polls or stickers on messaging apps- so it is unclear as to why Facebook and Instagram disabled them. But it has been proposed that both these social media platforms are going through the entire process of being completely sure regarding what they can add and what they can’t. Rather than play with fire, Instagram will play it safe. 

The EU rules regarding the ePrivacy directive is specifically designed to put limits on how much sites such as Facebook and Instagram can utilize one’s message and other metadata. This will also prohibit the surveillance and supervision of metadata and communication without the express permission of the user.