Mandy Moore Claims Her Sons’ Bond Is “Unmistakable”

Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore

The lads of Mandy Moore share a particular bond. The Tangled actress gave a heartwarming update on her boys 2-year-old Gus, and Ozzie, who is seven months old, saying that their love is “unmistakable.”

The 39-year-old Mandy Moore posted many adorable images of her boys on Instagram along with the caption, “These duo and their undeniable relationship. I’m grateful to see such happiness. #boymom.” On a picnic blanket, Ozzie and Gus could be spotted laughing together face-to-face. They can also be seen sitting and cuddling, with Ozzie placing his head on Gus’. Together with her spouse, Taylor Goldsmith, Dawes frontman, Moore has Ozzie and Gus. In 2017, they announced their engagement, and in 2018, they wed in a small backyard ceremony.

Mandy Moore Opens Up On Embracing All Of The Charms And Issues Of Motherhood 

Around February, Mandy Moore told the media that managing two sons below five years of age is difficult but worthwhile, adding that it is most exhausting but the best. She further added that it meant waking up with gratitude each day but hoping to get away with the immense hard work. Apart from this, the inability to sleep was very real and rather persistent which made everything worse. However, she believes that being kind to herself both as a person and a parent while accepting that motherhood would always be an enormous joy but problematic, makes things better. The Chasing Liberty actress praised herself for being “very lucky” to drive her sons to school and work. When Gus and Ozzie were younger, she brought them onto the This Is Us set, saying, that she had gone back to work much sooner than anticipated but she was glad to be able to bring her son along.

But the four-person family has experienced adventures. Mandy Moore posted several adorable pictures from her family’s “fun impromptu weekend” in NYC with Goldsmith and sons back in February. She claimed that they went to Accord, New York, where the boys first saw snow.