Marvin Gaye III Had Enough Drama For This Life

Marvin Gaye III

He has been having problems with his wife for a long time now. Marvin Gaye III finally filed for divorce from his wife. Just two months ago she had filed estranged order against him. He has been physically abusive towards his close ones including his wife. A wife-beater people named him. They do not have any children together. They officially separated this year in January.

Marvin Gaye III Filed For Divorce To His Wife, Reason Unknown

Wendy Gaye asked for protection from the court. Marvin Gaye III has been horrible toward her. He physically assaulted her in every way, His family is well aware of his nature. In January he was even arrested after Wendy pressed charges against him. Marvin physically assaulted his wife Wendy and his own cousin.

Wendy later described how she was about to die when Marvin grabbed her by the neck. He even lifted her up off the ground. His cousin saved Wendy from Marvin Gaye III.otherwise he could have killed Wendy that way. He often gets physical with people around him. He even threatened Wendy and that cousin immediately after with a gun.

Marvin Gaye III has two children one is 28 years old and another is 23 years old. He doesn’t share any child with his soon-to-be ex-wife Wendy Gaye. When the cops arrived Marvin fled the scene without taking his weapons with him. The weapons were found by cops inside the home.

Later that day he surrendered and was booked on misdemeanor domestic violence. He was also charged with felony assault and possessing deadly weapons. Marvin Gaye III was released on a $50,000 bond. Marvin Gaye III’s biological mother had him when she was 16 years old. His foster parents are his biological aunt and uncle.