Wendy Williams Expired Addiction Came Back

wendy williams

It is not a secret that Wendy Williams has struggled with alcohol addiction. She spent last summer in rehab. Perhaps happiness lets her forget all the dark phases she has been through. Drunk Williams is an embarrassing person. She never has any clue what is she talking about and whom she is talking to. She sometimes behaves like a teenager who discovered drinking recently.

Why  Did Wendy Williams Choose To Resume Drinking Again?

The famous talk show star Wendy Williams got so many new projects on her hand. She is so excited about these opportunities. She felt like she is much deserving of the celebration. Thus celebration is incomplete without alcohol, that is what Wendy Williams believes.

She deliberately chose to get drunk. She was spotted at a Midtown Gay bar The Townhouse. She has quite a fan following over there. Wendy Williams always has been very supportive of the LGBTQ community. They support her and watch her talk show. They are a big part of her fan base.

Probably too much media attention brought alcohol addiction to Wendy William’s life. A new lease started in her life. She celebrated that with something she went to rehab for. Wendy Williams mostly has blurry memories from drunken nights.

She was spotted drinking alone at Fresco by Scotto. Her friends’ group was probably there too. They disclosed she was planning on getting badly drunk that night. Wendy Williams started losing her control and she wasn’t even trying too hard to hide. She was enjoying herself at the bar perhaps.

After drinking near the bar area they went to the diner. Along with her friends made their way to the cocktail lounge. Wendy Williams even asked a doorman if he knows her or even watch her shows. Her friends were embarrassed. This is going to be their drunken funny story they will talk about and laugh about in the future. She has no regrets whatsoever after what she has been through.