Cameron Diaz Prioritizing Motherhood Over Her Career

Cameron Diaz

She has decided to leave her acting career and move on with life. Just after Cameron Diaz got pregnant in 2019 she announced the statement mentioned above. The new mom hates being away from her daughter. Her daughter’s name is Raddix and she is three years old now. She loves spending time with her mom as much as her mom does. She loved her career so far. The career that has been keeping her away from her child doesn’t worth it. She did come back.

Cameron Diaz is Wrapping Up Her Career For Good

She recently finished shooting for Back In Action with Jamie Foxx, an upcoming Netflix film. Cameron Diaz probably badly wanted to go back to being a mom only. She cherishes the mom duty perhaps. She had to spend ten hours back-to-back shooting. Her daughter is a toddler who equally finds it difficult to stay away from her mother.

Cameron Diaz loves her mom duty rather than actress. She always prioritizes her daughter over anything. Benji Madden always has been supportive of Cameron Diaz’s acting career. She was allowed to see her family often while she was shooting but not the old-school way. She missed her family more than anything.

Coming back to the set was a massive surprise to Cameron Diaz’s fans. The movie with Jamie Foxx is set to release in 2024. After Foxx’s meltdown at the set got viral everyone was anticipating that the reason was Cameron Diaz’s retirement. Later she confirmed she is on good terms with Foxx. Nothing to do with her retirement.

She further confirmed that Jamie Foxx is the only reason she is doing this film in the first place. Cameron Diaz is a very professional person who would prioritize her work before anything. She hates drama and unnecessary confrontation in the workplace which is very common in Hollywood. She likes to keep her slate clean.

She has been in the industry for more than two decades and got nothing to prove now. She has proved herself before. She doesn’t like drama and all the politics in the industry which is why she chose to take retirement in the first place.