Paige Lorenze Says Tyler Cameron ‘Used’ Her

Paige Lorenze

Paige Lorenze guaranteed Tyler Cameron, her ex, told her he really wanted “an outrage” before they appeared their unexpected sentiment.

“This could sound self-absorbed on the grounds that he has a really crazy following however I felt like he was utilizing me,” she told previous “Refer to Her Daddy as” co-have, Sofia Franklyn in her digital recording, “Sofia With A F.”

Paige Lorenze Thinks Cameron Needed A Media Tempest

Paige Lorenze also added that Paige felt like “he needed a media storm.” “He was taking a gander at my [Instagram] Story perspectives and I was getting a bigger number of perspectives than him and he was like ‘I want an outrage,'” she claimed.

24-year-old Paige Lorenze, who recently dated beset country vocalist Morgan Wallen as well as shamed entertainer Armie Mallet, made sense of that the couple at first met through shared companions as they “were showing up for generally similar gatherings.”

“I was like ‘this man is a smoke show,’ he’s huge, athletic, and hot.”

The 24-year-old model additionally noted there had been “s-t in the media around [her] connections,” possibly referring to her split with Wallen.

“I think he saw an open door — not that he could have done without me — yet I believe that is the reason he needed to open up to the world so quick,” she asserted, hinting Cameron needed media consideration since he was “sending off something soon.”

The previous 29-year-old hopeful for “Lone ranger”, who came second on Hannah Earthy colored’s time of the 2019 series, began dating Lorenze toward the beginning of July, Page Six solely uncovered.

We later got the first photographs of them making out while at the same time walking around New York City, in any case, they threw in the towel under two months after the fact.

Causing Lorenze a deep sense of’s shock, Cameron reported their separation on public television.