Matt Damon Claims That When He “Fell Into A Depression” Due To His Job, His Wife “Helped” Him

matt damon
matt damon

Matt Damon says that Luciana Barroso, his longstanding girlfriend, helped him get through a difficult period in his professional life. In one of his recent interviews, the 52-year-old Oppenheimer actor described his experience by saying that sometimes while being a part of a movie, one realizes that it would not turn out to be what one had hoped in the beginning but they remain a part of it. Although he did not name any.

He further recalled that he was not done with the production and still had months to go, and had brought his family someplace and inconvenienced them. He also recalls that his wife had to pull him out of a depression because of this. Matt Damon remembered his partner of eighteen years simply telling him that they were there, with him. This helped him put the task in perspective.

Matt Damon Believes He Owes Everything To His Wife For Her Love And Support

Matt Damon further said that he does take satisfaction in the fact that he is a professional performer primarily because of her. And being a professional actor entails working a 15-hours a day and giving it your all, even when you know it will not result in success, he added. “If one can accomplish it with their best attitude, you are a pro. She was a huge assistance to me in that.

Barroso and Matt Damon, who were married in 2005, marked the twentieth anniversary of very their first encounter earlier this year, marking a significant accomplishment.

Damon first saw Barroso, 46, at the pub where he had worked around 2003, and the two fell in love right away. Two years down the line, at a private event in NYC, the pair exchanged vows. They currently share children Stella, 12, Isabella, 16, and Gia, 14. In addition, Barroso has a 24-year-old daughter from her previous union named Alexia.