Megan Fox Admits To Being In Love With Her Co-Stars When She Was Young

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Megan Fox has recalled her days when she was in her 20s in her poetry book. Speaking on the Drew Barrymore show, she said that she was wild and rebellious in her youth. She admitted that she hurt many people in the process, people who had loved her but did not get the respect and honor they deserved in return. Megan Fox says she was a ‘free spirit’ and was prone to falling for her co-stars. She says that this soured her relationship with many. Such people were hurt by her. But the star of The Transformers says that things changed when she had kids.

Megan Fox Says Things Changed When She Became A Mother

Megan Fox says that things changed when she became a mother. She says that a major fragment of her journey was not to repeat the pattern of her parents with her kids, and she has always been aware of that. She says transformed when her first child was born, and she was selfless, the 37-year-old actress said. Megan Fox also advised that those who dated her when she was young should also write their own poetry as she was not, as she describes it herself, a ‘peach.’ Fox was all praise for her fiancé. The actress said that Machine Gun Kelly being an artist has helped as he has his catharsis through writing songs. It is an outlet for his pain.

When Megan Fox was specifically asked about the most extreme thing that she had ever done to any ex, the new author admitted that it was not something that she could say before the cameras. But she shared a story of painting a quote from Nietzsche all over the wall of someone and he had to repaint his house. The author and actor of Pretty Boys Are Poisonous chatted with Drew about the tattoos she regretted, the most bizarre gift that she received from a significant other.