Rebel Wilson, Together With Fiancée Ramona And Royce, Her Baby, Had A Great Family Day

Rebel Wilson

With two of her most favorite Rs, Rebel Wilson is unwinding. Last Saturday, the forty-three-year-old actress posted several pictures via Instagram from an enjoyable day spent with her daughter, Royce, 1, and fiancée, Ramona. She used the initials of the three to caption the photo, “R & R & R.” Subsequently, she made light of her sleep-deprived gaffe when releasing the pictures. 

Rebel Wilson Reflects Upon Her Recent Family Vacation 

“Well, but there’s a reason I used the same photo twice—I haven’t had many hours of sleep 🙈,” she joked, teasingly pointing out her lack of sleep during the photo shoot. The image featured The Hustle star clutching her baby, whom she embraced via surrogate around November last year, as they enjoyed a sunny outing on a yacht. Rebel Wilson was got ready for the occasion, sporting a light-colored eyelet top and shades, while Royce wore a light violet sunhat and a similar romper. A third photo showed Agruma and the Australian comedian positioned on the boat deck, surrounded by the beautiful blue sea and what looked to be the SHB at the back.

Royce’s first birthday was a very memorable event that the three of them shared last week. Wilson gave fans a BTS peek at the celebration, which featured a colorfully decorated and treat-filled gathering. In one video, the little girl cried and applauded with delight as her mother gushed, “Happy birthday!” She was wearing a pink outfit, fairy wings, and a first bib for her birthday. Rebel Wilson sweetly dubbed 2023 the “Year for Family” in a conversation with the media last August, as Agruma and her relish life with Royce and prepare to be married.