Meghan McCain Releases First Look Of Their Newborn With Husband Domenech

meghan mccain
meghan mccain

Meghan McCain with her spouse Ben Domenech welcomed their newborn daughter Clover Jade McCain Domenech last Thursday. The couple shared their baby girl’s first appearance. The former TV host released their newborn’s picture over Instagram on Saturday offering us our first look at baby Clover. 

The post was captioned with how delighted they were to welcome their newest daughter to the family ‘Clover Jade McCain Domenech’ and she thanked everyone for their good wishes. She also ends her post with a pretty powerful quote dedicated to all strong women and towards raising her children to become one as well.

Meghan McCain Welcomes The Newest Member To The Family

Amidst these images, McCain’s Lil daughter named Liberty Sage could be seen looking over her sister as the whole family poses together in the most perfect fit frame. A few other pictures show baby Clover covered in a blanket with an adorable bow over her forehead. The images end with grandma Cindy McCain holding onto her newly born grandchild.

The Daily Mail was the first one to cover the news as couple Meghan McCain and Ben Domenech renounced their newborn on Thursday. The pair stated that they added their newest member to the family just yesterday morning, baby Clover Jade Domenech. The duo was ecstatic to introduce Liberty to her newborn sister and begin their new chapter in this adventure.

Husband Domenech shared his love and praise for wife Meghan’s strength. He showered his boundless love towards both daughters and excitement to introduce baby clover to the entire family. 

Back in September last year Meghan McCain celebrated their firstborn Liberty to the family. She was born on the auspicious date of National Daughter’s Day which falls on 24th September right before her sister’s birthday.