Kylie Jenner Discloses Her Son’s Name Along with Pictures In Recent Post

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner

Last year in March Kylie Jenner and her husband Travis Scott announced they would be changing their baby boy‘s name from ‘wolf’ as they didn’t feel like the name suited him much.

In a recent Instagram post, Kylie Jenner disclosed the 11-month-old’s new name ‘Aire’ with an adorable pic of her carrying the baby along with Scott. The picture has ever since taken social media by surprise. Sources have revealed that the name Aire transcribes to ‘Lion of God’. Grandma Kris Jenner was found commenting under the post saying his love to Aire Webster. 

Kylie Jenner Shares Her 11-Month-Old’s Pics With Media

The couple welcomed their son in February last year with an announcement originally declaring his name as Wolf Jacques. Soon Kylie Jenner announced via her social media that they are thinking about changing the child’s name. The entrepreneur said she was tired of seeing the same name everywhere and truly didn’t feel like it suited her kid. She hasn’t yet confirmed whether Aire’s middle name has also been changed from ‘Jacques’. 

In an interview with Caitlyn Jenner at the event of Steven Tyler Janie’s fundraising, she said that she has stopped interfering in this instance and doesn’t put two cents into this matter, she will roll with whatever the couple comes up with at the end of the day it’s her decision. She also rejoices about Knight saying she loves the name as it contemplates the proverb ‘knight in shining armor. Caitlyn shared about the perks of being a grandparent as she doesn’t have to indulge herself with cleaning after the babies and can just enjoy playing with them. 

The public announcement of her newborn’s title change came right after Kylie Jenner’s youtube launch dedicated to their child called ‘To Our Son’. The following clip shared footage of Kylie Jenner’s second pregnancy and her journey throughout. It continues onto grandma Jenner’s reaction to the good news and the iconic giraffe-themed baby shower. The clip ends with Kylie right outside her delivery room as she welcomes her boy on 2nd February.