Michael J Fox Comments On An Increasingly Difficult Fight Against Parkinson’s

Michael J Fox

Michael J Fox may be beginning to accept his fate as understands and experiences the increasing difficulty of his over three-decade battle against Parkinson’s disease. While speaking during a future episode preview for CBS Sunday Morning, he said that he will probably not make it till 80.

Michael J Fox Remains A Splendid Warrior

The 61-year-old star of Back to the Future was talking with Jane Pauley in the short video. Jane explains that Michael J Fox did not squander. However, Jane knows that the disease will decide when he goes when his time to depart arrives. Fox replies that the call is banging loudly on his door. He adds that he would not lie and says how things are getting harder and tougher every day.

Then, Michael J Fox talks about a recent surgery that he had to undergo in order to remove a tumor from his spine. Thankfully, the tumor was benign. However, the surgery left his walking “messed up”. As a result, other body parts began to break as well, this includes his hand, face, elbow, and arm.

Michael J Fox further adds that Parkinson’s biggest killer remains “falling”. Food aspiration and contracting pneumonia can also be one of the reasons. Regardless, he notes that such subtle ways are how the disease gets the patient. The alum of Spin City concludes that a patient dies because of Parkinson’s directly. Rather, they die “with” the disease. As such, he admits to contemplating life’s mortality.

Michael J Fox was only 29 years old when he received his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. Since then, he had become one of the biggest advocates for further research on the condition. In 200, he launched a foundation in his name that would help find studies and promote public awareness about the disease.