Michael J. Fox Was Excited About His Birthday Like A Teenager

Michael J. Fox

He just turned 62. And he couldn’t keep calm, he is jumping on social media like any teenager. Michael J. Fox spent a birthday with wife and family. Known to be his happiness. It’s not only him who has posted a photo on his social media. Many other celebrities have wished him in the comment section. Which made him feel like a little one again. Someone who waits for their birthday.

Recently his life documentary movie was released. Where he shared his life struggles and every bit of success he earned.

Michael J. Fox Deserve To Be Celebrated Everyday

He just turned 62 years old. However, his struggle started at 17 years old. Michael J. Fox is Canadian. Who used to live in Vancouver with his parents. They lived paycheck to paycheck.

He was aware of the financial condition of his household. He left for America at 18 years old. His interest started to grow when he joined the drama class just for fun and to watch girls. It was like any other teenager.

Michael J. Fox moved to Hollywood to earn a name. Where he was faced with countless rejections.

After earning a known spot in the industry he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The doctor advised him to rest immediately. However, he was told he won’t be able to work after 10 years. Nonetheless, his career at that point just took off.

It’s been 30 years since he has been living with that disease. He took retirement in 2017.

And indeed after all the struggle and bad phases he has gone through he deserves to be celebrated every day.

Michael posted a photo on Instagram with a quirky caption. His happiness overpowered the caption.

He lives every day and counts every day. He is seizing the day.

Michael J. Fox isn’t afraid of death. Until then he will live every day.