Michael J. Fox Looking Back At His Struggle

Michael J. Fox

He was born Canadian. Later came to Hollywood to make his film debut. Michael J. Fox had no money and no place to stay when he first came to Hollywood. He had no roof over his head. If he was hungry he used to dive in the dumpsters to test his luck for food.

He is not a product of nepotism. He made sure everyone knew and heard that. He was 18 years old when he left home. Joined the play in school to meet girls. Justified action. Later discovering his love and talent for acting. It led him to leave Vancouver and land in Hollywood.

Hollywood Gained Michael J. Fox 

Looking back at the things people broke when he left home for acting. He is thanking them now for not letting themselves stop him. If he didn’t leave home he would never be Michael J. Fox he is today.

He was determined to make something useful with his talents. He couldn’t just wait and waste his parents ‘ money to be something in life. However, Michael J. Fox didn’t earn his role on the first attempt. He faced many failed auditions before actually making his debut.

He still remembers how he used to be around many famous actors back in the day. Michael J. Fox first appeared on midnight madness in 1980. He often questioned himself about getting part in a movie or series. Even after many failed attempts he never gave up.

He never stopped believing that he would be a great actor one day. He had this in him, which drove him to success. Nobody could break his willpower, not even after a bad audition. Despite his physical condition he continues to work until 2020. He is now 61 years old.

Michael J. Fox was told by the doctors he would be able to work not for a long time. Maximum ten years more. He was just 29 years old then. His indomitable spirit proved the doctors wrong in so many ways.