Ryan Reynolds Pulled Taylor Swift’s Leg Again

ryan reynolds

They have been friends for years. Even last month they were seen in the Big Apple for dinner. Immediately after the news of Taylor Swift’s breakup went viral. What a good friend does when you find someone is they make sure they succeed at embarrassing you in front of that special one.

Ryan Reynolds exactly did that. No one knows how Taylor Swift reacted but it was worth it. He and Blake Lively are known to be the best couple for their hilarious relationship in the best possible way. They have set up the relationship bar so high. After three kids and all these years after marriage, they are still good at their game.

Ryan Reynolds Did What He Is Best At, Trolling People

He leaves no room for others to troll his loved ones. He has a reputation for doing that. Even Blake Lively doesn’t leave Ryan Reynolds alone that much. During a club football match, she bought an ESPN channel just to watch how her husband’s palpitations on screen. She shared a story on her Instagram. She captioned how much worth the situation was. 

Ryan Reynolds often posts photos of her where he might have slightly cropped Blake’s earrings. He needed to post again with his cropped face. Their followers are never bored perhaps. He recently shared.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively took out their friend Taylor Swift immediately after her break up with Joe Alwyn. She was perhaps seen recently with someone, who is known to be Matt Healy. None of them confirmed their dating rumor. But their friend Ryan Reynolds was perhaps too much excited to announce.

Her Eras Tour is taking the internet by storm now. Matt Healy took the stage with her as an act of cooperation. Ryan Reynolds posted a photo and captioned it mysteriously asking people to just zoom in. He wrote Zoom Zoom. Teasing Swift is perhaps the best time pass for him.