What’s Up With Britney Spears: Caffeine Addiction This Time

britney spears

There couldn’t be less drama around Britney Spears. Fans love all the things she does. Even if that is throwing tantrums or calling out someone. She survived the torture from his family. Later she called each one out on social media.

Even her sister was a great support to her on various occasions. She called her out as well. Now she was bullied for perhaps her addiction to coffee. One fine morning she chose to let her fans know what’s good and what’s bad. Well, that led to criticism as well.

Another Point Britney Spears Wanted To Prove

That she is not a media bully. Well previously her family fans have proved otherwise. Britney Spears Wanted to teach her followers on Instagram how bad red bull is. That’s the worst. It kept her up all night. Well, duh energy drinks are for that. She prefers coffee and green tea.

She has stuck to the watermelon juice. According to her statement, she has always been told she cannot drink coffee. The weirdest thing happened to her. Some even wrote in the comment section how everything is weird around Britney Spears. Drama always seems to find her one way or another.

She further wrote she is a loser. However, she will never be a bully on social media. She makes candles and pieces of jewelry that’s what makes her feel alive and happy. She will keep doing that no matter what.

Later concluded her post by asking her fans how they are doing. How everything in life has been going so far. Britney Spears made the post to bash TMZ. The world-famous organization. They usually update the world with all the teas in the industry. They had posted how she has been awake for three days continuously. How is addicted to Caffeine and red bull now?