Dolly Parton’s Fantasy

dolly parton
dolly parton

At the country music award night of its 58th anniversary. Dolly Parton was awarded. Garth Brooks was her co-host. They proved how to respect one another even if they are younger than you. Both ways, age, and experience. Garth Brooks called Parton a GOAT, the greatest of all time.

They share some naughty moments on stage. All the flirts and gushing stole the show. She is 77 years old yet has that spark in her. Rather she kept it alive. She recently released two of her new songs.

Dolly Parton Couldn’t Stop Praising Brooks

Respect reached another level for Dolly Parton. Even though Garth Brooks is so much younger than her.  He came to the industry late. However, Dolly Parton showed and changed the definition of country music. It’s not only her who is great but he is also a GOAT.

Dolly Parton joked about how badly she wants to have a physical relationship with him and his wife Trisha Yearwood. Even at this age, she didn’t lose her humor. Which was probably the hilarious moment of the night. She further gushed about how Garth Brooks has changed the name of country music. He thrived. And within a little time, he has become the star. She couldn’t be more proud of him.

Jokes apart both of them are happily married to their spouse. Dolly Parton is married to Carl Thomas Dean since 1966. She told Trisha Yearwood about her wildest fantasy. Trisha Yearwood responded she is a hall pass. The audience woo-hooed. And that definitely blew Garth Brooks’s mind.

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood have been married since 2005. When Dolly Parton is in the House there is no dull moment whatsoever. This is her second time hosting the country music award with a co-host. Last year she hosted again.