Photo Of Kate Middleton And Harry Styles Together Became Viral

Harry Styles

A recent viral clip featuring music artist Harry Styles and Princess of Wales has appeared on TikTok, where users of the social media platform have reposted videos of the two getting to meet at a certain charity function in 2014. At the yearly RVP in a London location, which invites well-known performers to raise money and perform for artists, Kate and Harry were first acquainted. Typically, the royal family attends the performance. In 2014, Kate and Prince William first time during their three-year marriage, sat inside the royal box. 

Harry Styles Remembering His First Encounter With The Princess

Following the shows, the musicians are pictured with the royals, and a little conversation involving Harry Styles and Kate was captured on video. The princess can be seen speaking animatedly to a pop artist in the recent viral clip, which was uploaded via TikTok on 6th November and captioned, “Two celebs together! When Prince Catherine and Harry Styles first met.” The video has now gained over 200K views on the media, over 5K likes, and a ton of comments, the majority of which complimented Styles and Kate.

One remark said, “What a throwback!” Another person said, “Look at Harry, he’s beaming after meeting the lovely Kate, Princess of Wales,” while another added, “So charming.” In an interview with a British newspaper following the occasion, Harry Styles shared some specifics of his conversation with the princess, saying that he “said congrats on the bump…[Though] she did not look quite bumpy.”

Kate had been expecting Princess Charlotte, her 2nd child, at the time. Kate’s encounters with celebrities are frequently captured by royal enthusiasts and circulated on social media; these moments typically take place at fundraisers for charity that she or the royalty are associated with.