Kiernan Shipka Celebrates Turning 24 With A Cheeky Post

Kiernan Shipka

Kiernan Shipka turned a gift to herself on her 24th birthday. The Wild Flower artist celebrated her 24 birthday in an unusual and mischievous way. She stated that she had got a gift for herselfShe posted on Instagram where she is seen posing for selfies. She is dressed in a light pink bra dressed up in laces and panties. She wore a large bow down the center. Kiernan Shipka was smiling gently as she posed in front of the phone as she took pictures. The Wildflower actress shared pics sent by her fans from the earlier years of her stories on Instagram.

One picture depicted her as the younger version of Sally Draper imploring her father to Wake Up as she was celebrating her birthday. Kiernan Ship turned 20 and celebrated by throwing a grand party and was joined by Hamm, 52 years old. She had captioned a photo selfie of Jon Hamm with her. Hamm played her TV father from 2007 to 2015. Jones, who was Betty Draper, the matriarch, announced that she could not join the party. However, she wished Kiernan Shipka love.

The Role Of Sabrina Made Kiernan Shipka Popular

Jones wrote that she was missing the birthday party. She said she felt responsible for her. She referred to Shipka as the little one. She mentioned that she had become successful in the world of business which she called stupid. She says she has known Shipka since she was six. She had then wished her a happy 20th birthday and signed off with ‘Love Mom.’

The character of Sabrina was another major role for Kiernan Shipka in the movie The Creepy Adventures of Sabrina, which aired on NetflixThe 2018 version of the movie was grounded on the Sabrina The Teenage Witch of the 1990s. Mellisa J. Hart was the lead in that movie. The role played by Kiernan Shipka was way darker.