Minnie Tom Brady In The Making

tom brady

Tom Brady’s son is almost as tall as him. Every day kids look up to their fathers to be like them. Be it height-wise or as a person. His oldest son is 15 and nearly as tall as him. He shared a photo of them together, captioned he is not there yet. His father is still here. And he has got the game. The father of three often shares little moments from his everyday life. He shares his eldest son Jack with ex Bridget Moynahan. 

He recently got divorced from Gisele Bundchen. He shares two children with her as well.

Tom Brady And His Son Shares The Same Interest In Football

His eldest son John Jack Edward Thomas is 15 and plays football like his father. He admires him. It was very unlikely for him to like football, said his father Tom Brady. Yet he found it comforting that his son has given him the same respect.

Tom Brady wishes to see his son play. He wishes the same for all of his children. Seeing John Jack play for a team would be a dream come true for him.

His son played last year and he would love to see him participate in upcoming matches. Yet as a supporting father, he said whatever his children choose he would be very happy. And wishes to stay the same throughout their career. No matter what they choose to pursue.

Tom Brady has two children from his last marriage with Gisele Bundchen. They share 13 years old Benjamin Rein. And his daughter Vivian Lake is 10 years old.

They took classes on co-parenting before separation officially. Things have been hard on childrens. After the divorce, Gisele Bundchen took her kids on a vacation in Brazil.