Nick Cannon And His Team

nick cannon

His team members are none other than his childrens. Nick Cannon has 12 children. And he cannot get enough of them. He every now and then posts pictures of his children. But sadly he couldn’t get everyone in the frame together.

His eldest daughter and son often miss out on group photos. Nick previously said how their mother despises it. Recently he posted a photo on Instagram with eight children out of the 12.

The children often visit their daddy on the set of the Daily Cannon podcast.

Father’s  Shame For Not Spending Enough Time With All Of His Children, Says Nick Cannon

Being a father to 12 kids takes a lot of work. Nick Cannon regrets he is unable to spend time with his 12 children. It was difficult for him even to think of unique names for his children. In 2021 he lost one of his sons. He was five months old when he died of brain cancer. That loss made him realize many things. Since then he had held all of his children close to him. He tries to spend time with them.

Nick Cannon married Mariah Carey in 2008, they have been married till 2016. They share two children, one daughter Monroe and one son Moroccan. Perhaps the oldest among all. Their mother shared her choice not to put their kids so much on social media. And Nick tries to respect that.

Now his youngest one is four months old. A recently uploaded photo showed how he is holding her baby girl up in the air.

A few months ago Nick Cannon was invited to a talk show, where the host asked him to name all his children and failed. Later told he was thrown off the track.