Miranda McKeon Goes For A Lupron Injection

Miranda McKeon

Miranda McKeon, the Anne with an E star, has been extremely candid about her battle with breast cancer at the tender age of 19. From her startling diagnosis to her battle against the dreaded disease during her sophomore year, she has been open about it.

In her latest update on the condition, Miranda McKeon explained she was preparing for a dose of Lupron injection. The drug is used to counter the risk of early-stage cancer relapse in women in the pre-menopausal stage following cancer surgery and follow-up treatments. The site Breastcancer.org states that Lupron acts in stopping ovaries from producing estrogen. This inhibits the development and progress of breast cancer that contains estrogen or progesterone receptors.

One In A Million Recovery For Miranda McKeon

The actress and writer described her stage III breast cancer diagnosis in June 2021 as ‘one in a million.’ It was an extremely rare diagnosis for a healthy 19-year-old who did not have a family history of cancer. Only a week earlier she had been partying with friends in New Jersey when she noticed a lump in her right breast. She took the right step of immediately scheduling a doctor’s appointment.

After a round biopsy, mammogram, and ultrasound, Miranda McKeon’s initial fears were confirmed. She was then on a flight to San Francisco after the tests. But the report forced her back to her home in New Jersey. She recalls being scared, shocked, and confused. In her latest video, she revealed that she was preparing to take the injection of Lupron.

Miranda McKeon wants to contribute her bit towards awareness about breast cancer. She advised her followers to stop watching if it troubled them. She said that she would have to continue taking the injection for 5 more years. Miranda McKeon also revealed that she was on medicines for the next ten years, and had implants in her breast. She also said that her hair had regrown following chemo regrowth. She spoke of the physical limitations of the treatment and how her life was altered forever due to the disease.