After Battling Leukemia, Kassie DePaiva Revealed That She Had Been Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

Kassie DePaiva

Kassie DePaiva, a soap opera star, is open about her condition.

The DOL actress talked about how she learned she had leukemia on the most recent edition of the DWD podcast. She also disclosed that one year after receiving her diagnosis of leukemia, she experienced another health crisis.

Kassie DePaiva said that shortly after returning to DOL as Eve Donovan in July 2016, she received her initial diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia. She allegedly took a scheduled break to fly back to NYC when she realized something was awry.

Kassie DePaiva Free Of Cancer And Content

“I was on a chair lift after attending a country event at HM. I feel beneath my arm and think, “That’s strange.” I detected 2 knots. So I had a “Hmmmm” moment. And they didn’t hurt. DePaiva remarked that she knew she didn’t feel ill at all. Kassie DePaiva called and scheduled a visit with her doctor who asked her to visit around July, she continued. She had those small knots and asked if he could squeeze her in. I simply want to confirm that everything is in order. She had to get a biopsy, along with the rest, as you know, is history.

According to the results, Kassie DePaiva had acute leukemia and not breast cancer. But the actress’s health was about to take another unexpected turn. A year later, Kassie DePaiva did have breast cancer. I chuckle and say, “Can you even imagine?” However, after a lumpectomy, everything was found to be in order, and as of right now, I am free of cancer and content. The seasoned soap actor also spoke with Mara Levinsky and Stephanie Sloane, presenters of the Soap Opera Digest podcast, about the difficulties she had dealing with treatment after being diagnosed with leukemia.