In “Tears,” Aaron Rodgers Describes His Achilles Injury As “One Of The Most Difficult” Experiences Of His Life

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Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback for the NYJ, is speaking out about how he’s handled the end-of-season injury 4 days after ripping his Achilles on the left. In an appearance on The McAfee Show last Friday, Rodgers, 39, said that it hit him like a dozen bricks for over twenty-four hours. Says that there were times when he just sobbed. There had been a great deal of rage, such as why was that happening! Aaron Rogers tacked on. When Rodgers attempted to avoid a tackle on the opening of the Jets’ season-opening game against the BB on Monday night, he said he instantly realized he had torn his Achilles tendon. 

Aaron Rodgers Felt Like Being Hit By A Hundred Bricks At Once

4 plays into Rodgers’ much anticipated New York debut, where he had been acquired this season after spending seventeen years with the GBP, he was injured. Aaron Rodgers attempted to stand up after being tackled by Bills defensive end Leonard but shortly collapsed to the ground.

“I knew what occurred before I ever got an MRI. I was aware that I had ripped my Achilles, stated Rodgers. I realized immediately that this was a bad scenario. The NFL MVP remains in a bed following surgery on Tuesday. Rodgers called into McAfee’s program from his recovery chamber while still sporting a hospital wristband. “He wasn’t able to gain weight on that yet, he added. Although that schedule is far sooner than the average recovery period for an Achilles injury, Aaron Rodgers hinted that he had been hoping to be on the ground for the start of the NFL Playoffs in January. Rodgers began by saying, “Anything’s possible,” before adding that making predictions honestly does nothing other than improve his mental health.