Drew Barrymore Brings Down Video Addressing Criticism For Talk Show Return

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore had recently decided to resume filming the next season of “The Drew Barrymore Show” despite the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes ongoing. As a result, there was an immense amount of backlash to her announcement. She then decided to share a video where she talked about the criticism and apologized for her decision to resume. A few hours later, she has removed that video as well.

Drew Barrymore Admits To Listening To Reaction

On September 15th, on Instagram, Drew Barrymore shared a long video that talked about her decision to resume her talk show, the announcement for which she had made on September 10th. It did not even last the full day, as the clips were removed from the page. The first return announcement was also removed.

Then, 48-year-old Drew Barrymore posted a video that has since been deleted where she appeared all teary-eyed. She talked about the backlash and referred to the situation as being very complex. However, she claimed she never intended to hurt or upset anyone. She then continued by saying that she understands there is nothing she can attempt to do that will make things OK.

In the clip, Drew Barrymore explained that she simply wanted to take complete responsibility for her actions without making it into a PR stunt. She accepts and understands that the video will not be enough for those who got hurt by the actions. She then apologized to the writers and unions. Barrymore explained that, at times, when the situation is this tough, it becomes difficult to make good decisions.

The backlash was not the only thing that Barrymore had to withstand as she was also removed from being the 2023 National Book Awards’ host. On September 12th, the decision to rescind her invitation was confirmed by the National Book Foundation.