Moon Boots Appear To Be Back In Style After 20 Years

Moon Boots

Celebrities are on top of the world as these boots are moonwalking their way back into the top fashion trends of 2023. It hasn’t even been one month into this year and already trends are going haywire as stars like Heidi Klum, Dua Lipa, and Hailey Beiber are rocking in their new moon boots back from the 70’s era. 

This oversized retro footwear hit the markets in early 1969 inspired by the same year’s moon landing, giving it the iconic rubber sole and looks. These boots experienced their first comeback in the initial hundreds by Paris Hilton in her ideal pink moon boots. 

Back From The Dead Moon Boots Are Becoming The New Fashion Of 2023

Hailey Beiber started off her new Year with pink Icon Low Moon Boots that must have cost about $175, combined with a mini dress by Mugler and an exposed thong that goes back to the popular Y2K trend era. For all that we know she could’ve snatched those pairs from her previous modeling campaign with Victoria’s Secret in 22. 

Dua Lipa has always been on top for her unique style as she sports a crystal white covered pair of moon boots with a vivid red lace pretty close to the looks of Iconic Low 2 Snow Boots last December. The star also levitated to set a new trend as she paired her snow boots with a sold-out collection of Hello Kitty Faux Coat and bikini in a set of snapshots from 2021.

Meanwhile, the “Black-ish” show’s star Tracee Ellis Ross dazed her winters with lime green Icon Nylon Snow Boots worth $185 in a video over Instagram about last month. Whilst the supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio went pants-free in a white parka flaunting her faux fur-trimmed pair of moon boots. 

The moon label has also partnered with loads of other designers over these few years, coming up with new designs like Jimmy Choo types seen on Heidi Klum this week as she hit the high ski slopes while wearing them. It looks like moon boots will be staying on this time for a while.