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Saturday, April 17, 2021

My Pillow CEO Chose A Controversial Name For His Networking Site That Is Yet To Be Released

Mike Lindell, the founder of the Minnesota-based manufacturing company, is heading towards his plans of launching his own network of social media. This is to take place in the coming weeks. It is very much likely that the platform that he will create will be a breeding ground for pro-Trump theories. This is because My Pillow CEO is a staunch supporter of the former president of the United States of America, Donald Trump.

My Pillow CEO’s Vocl

The decision of the My Pillow CEO with regard to launching his own social site comes after the strict decisions taken by the popular social media sites following the spread of the conspiracy theories. The name that is given to the ‘yet to be launched’ networking platform is “Vocl.” It is reported that the users will be free to continue the talks of the otherwise banned topics.

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It includes the coronavirus vaccine conspiracy according to which the vaccines are the devil’s tool. And the baseless theory with regard to the presidential election of 2020. My Pillow CEO provides the users of Vocl a free environment to discuss how former president Trump lost to Joe Biden due to the involvement of some kind of a supercomputer.

According to sources, the platform created by Mike Lindell will not be free from challenges. Although it is common for all the newly launched platforms of social media to go through a number of challenges, Vocl will face the most of it. The reason for this includes the fact that there already exists another website from the name “Vocal.” The only difference is the presence of an “A.”

The lawyers of a parent company of Vocal gave a warning to Mike Lindell. This took place this Thursday. They sent the CEO a letter calling him to change the name of his networking site.

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