Naomi Campbell Could Not Resist Posting Her Daughter In Matching Christmas PJs

naomi campbell

The actress and supermodel Naomi Campbell announced on May 2K21, the welcoming of her baby girl. On 25th December, Naomi posted a picture of her Christmas get-together with the theme of matching red pajamas. The picture showcases Naomi holding the 1 ½-year-old girl of hers with matching red pajamas and her face stamped on with a red heart emoji. She captions the picture by wishing a merry Christmas to everyone and also feeling blessed and grateful. 

Naomi Campbell Shares A Whole Different Bond With Babies

Naomi Campbell hardly shares pictures of her daughter. Only a few glimpses have ever been captured. On sharing the arrival of her baby, Campbell addressed her as a little blessing and that this beauty has chosen Naomi as her mother. She further writes in her caption that she is honored and that she is left speechless. Naomi is eager to spend this lifelong bond with her daughter. She also describes her as an angel and she loves her with love that lies no boundaries.

Her post had been flooded with comments congratulating her on her new journey to motherhood. She was also congratulated by personalities like Zoe Saldana. Naomi Campbell is one of the biggest fans of kids and will always love them. She claims to have an inner child in her which can only be brought out by children. That’s the side she would never want to give up on. Her desire to become a parent is not foreign as she shared her innermost desires with Vogue Arabia in 2018. As a professional working mother, she documented a part of her newfound life with a post of her daughter carefully watching her mother walk the red carpet at the Met Gala on television.