Natalie Portman And Rihanna Have Their Fangirl Moments After Meet At Paris Fashion Week

natalie portman

Natalie Portman and Rihanna had an adorable and hilarious meeting at the Paris Fashion Week. The adorable interaction took place at the exclusive Christian Dior haute couture show spring-summer runway show for 2024. Celebrities thronged the show, including Elizabeth Debicki, Anya T. Joy, and Ali Wong. The latest Christian Dior collection was presented by Maria Chiuri, its creative director, at Paris’ Rodin Museum.

But outside the main event, another star-studded interaction went viral. A video circulating on X shows the Umbrella singer having a very endearing meeting with Natalie Portman. Rihanna was at the front during the fashion and went out to hug the May-December star.

In an exaggerated tone, Rihanna professed her love for the Black Swan star. She interjected that she was a fan, using an expletive to stress her statement. Natalie Portman responded with a surprise. “Are you kidding me?” she exclaimed.

Rihanna Complimented Natalie Portman On The Innocent Look She Gives In Her Movies

The two met outside the show venue and were immediately locked in a tight hug. They rocked and had their fangirl moment. The surrounding photographers were excited, and the stars happily obliged. They again hugged one another in the end.

The founder of Fendy Beauty continued in the same tone. She fondly referred to Natalie Portman as among the hottest b**ches ever in Hollywood. She said she was overwhelmed by her innocent looks in her movies.

The comments were generous and loving one viewer commented that it was her new favorite video of all time. Others commented that Natalie Portman looked gorgeous and could be mistaken for a teenager.

One commentator had a different take and mourned that Rihanna had moved on from music and that had forced her to turn into a Swiftie. But everyone commented on how cool, confident, and peaceful both Rihanna and Natalie Portman looked. It was indeed two queens coming together for a joint slay.