See The Pictures From Paris Hilton’s “Under the Sea” First Birthday Celebration For Phoenix, Her Son!

paris hilton

Paris Hilton is commemorating the first birthday of her little son! The 42-year-old reality TV personality celebrated her baby boy Phoenix’s first birthday this Saturday with a magnificent sea theme party at her house. Stars like Rumer Willis and Kelly Osbourne attended. Videos from the celebration showed Paris Hilton’s backyard transformed into an aquatic scene complete with balloons shaped like a fish and seaweed covering the terrace. Disney’s Little Mermaid was playing on speakers while the room was filled with starfish-patterned cushions and white benches in the style of coral. 

In one video, Paris Hilton described the party’s theme, “Below the Sea,” while holding her son Phoenix who just turned one, she said, “Phoenix turned one on January 16. I can’t wait.” 

Paris Hilton Proud To Have Thrown An Incredible Party For Her Son’s Birthday

Paris Hilton’s words, “I’ve thrown incredible parties, especially for birthdays, my entire life,” “It’s such a special memory being able to carry this out for my baby boy now.”  Then, as Phoenix was carrying her infant son outside to see the spectacular party decorations, Hilton asked if he was ready for his birthday and asked him to look at all the cute decorations made for him, the mother of two said. Kelly Osbourne, who came along with her baby Sidney, who is thirteen months old, Rumer Willis came with her 9-month-old baby girl Louetta Isley, Lance Bass and his two-year-old twins Violet and Alexander, Kat D and her son Leafar, 5, and Jessica Hart were among the visitors spotted at the celebration.

A zoo was put up for the visitors to enjoy, and a variety of animal creatures, including lambs, rabbits, chickens, baby goats, as well as a unicorn, joined them for the celebration. In another video, Phoenix and Paris Hilton were shown with the children petting the animals while they sat in a corral together.