Despite The Rumor, Nelly Is Keeping Things Lowkey


He has been in an on-and-off relationship with Ashanti. He has been criticized for that as well. Even though things were not how they were supposed to be. Nelly is now spending time with his girlfriend. There is a rumor they might be on the path of reconciliation. Nothing is confirmed whatsoever.

Since last year he has been performing and touring along with Ashanti.

None of them ever shared their actual story. The paparazzi and the fans have been perhaps fooled by them. Everyone kept wondering if they were together or not.

Nelly Affairs Is Decade Long Mystery

In 2008 Ashanti the rumored girlfriend teased to the media, engagement is definitely on the table with Nelly.

While three years ago she only mentioned they went out. However, both of them confirmed at that time they are definitely not boyfriend-girlfriend.

All the time Nelly has kept quiet. He hasn’t uttered a word.

While again in 2013 Ashanti confused the fans with her follow-up questions. When she was asked whether they were dating or not.

She responded that there was no proof whatsoever they are dating.

Again a year later she confirmed Nelly was her first love. They are not fighting, thus there is no beef.

It’s been a decade-long affair with mysterious ups and downs.

Some still mock them with statements like even Nelly and Ashanti are not sure if they are dating.

Last month they were seen together at a boxing match. They were sitting close to each other. By their appearance and behavior, it did look like they were dating.

Paparazzi caught them holding hands outside the stadium after the match.

In December they performed together on stage. The fans say they were all over each other.