Netflix Taking Away The Freedom Of Use


Not only in the US other countries are in the same boat. One person has a subscription and others share it with them. Not everyone pays for a Netflix subscription. The US Netflix have shared they are banning password sharing. They have to pay $7.99 every month to keep using. The streamer has started tracking down who shares passwords and who pays.

It’s very common in friends one has a subscription and others just use it. They are banning the out-of-household sharing possibilities. This might be disheartening for some users. They have been using it for free all these years. And suddenly things are not comfortable.

Netflix Has Taken A Step To Ban Free Users

They have posted on their blog about changing their terms and conditions. After all these years someone must have brought this to Netflix’s attention of password sharing. They have decided to block all the paths of sharing the streaming app apart from the subscriber. They are going to send emails to all the subscribers all over the US. It is perhaps a warning from them not to share passwords with anyone.

All the users have been asked to change their passwords frequently. And they must sign out of all devices after changing the password. All the users of Netflix have asked to keep track of their accounts who are using. Netflix has providing comfort for years now. They have series, documentaries, movies, and other stuff according to your moods.

Netflix is encouraging subscribers to pay an additional $7.99 for a member outside of their households, who is willing to use their account. Suddenly things are becoming expensive. Not everyone is going to like it. If you are a user and are not willing to spend some extra money on people. You are asked to choose the transfer account option. This way whoever is using your account will be notified immediately and will be signed out automatically. They would have to create their own account.