New Guide From 2022 From TikTok To Creator Collaboration On Ad Campaigns


TikTok has put out a new guide to help marketers partner with established creators that promises to be a game-changer. The guide runs to 25 pages and gives an insight into working with the creators on TikTok. It includes multiple options and tools that will help in creating campaigns, notes on connecting with creators, and multiple case studies to give an insight into how brands have successfully collaborated.

The TikTok marketing guide provides multiple perceptions on the advantages of collaborating with creators on the social media platform. They include statistics on the response rate and effectively when it is aligned with the established user base.

TikTok Has to Give A Total Guide On Marketing Through This Medium

TikTok has noted that creators have been redefining influence. It said that around 71 percent of users have reported being motivated enough to go for a purchase.

The platform has also presented specific techniques on the way creators have contributed to improving the performance of campaigns. TikTok has provided a comparative rundown that pits content with highlighted creators versus those without this support.

The scores heavily favored creating content with the help of feature creators. For the 2-second video, the score was 65%, while it was 91% for the 6-second spots. It revealed an improved overall engagement rate of 83%.

The platform also revealed that marketers using this platform enjoy 27 percent more advertisement recall if they go into alliances with the featured creators.

TikTok’s guide also delves into the content approach and helps in improving understanding of collaborating with proven creators. This particular section also places emphasis on teaching marketers the use of important visual elements and also incorporating them fully.

There are also the present tools for creators’ connection with Creator Marketplace, the popular TikTok proprietary hub for unveiling creative talent.

Finally, this platform has shared many case studies and notes that give a complete rundown on how various brands achieved success on TikTok through its creator partnership and improved their campaign act.

With the platform sure to cross the 1.5B user mark by end-2022, it could surpass Instagram to become the 2nd biggest social app after Facebook. This presents a fair opportunity for brand promotion and connection and makes it among the most happening social media apps for marketing.