New Member Joined The Jessica Batten’s Family 

Jessica Batten

She and her husband, Benjamin McGrath, already have two children. Recently they welcomed their first together, Dax, on June 9th.

Jessica Batten welcomed her first son with her husband, Benjamin McGrath. Benjamin McGrath is also a father to one seven years old and one six-year-old.

 Before welcoming their first child, they posted a bunch of photos of their sonogram picture. She announced her pregnancy to the world with those pictures.

After two years of waiting, they finally welcomed their first child. She got engaged to McGrath in 2021. She has faced a lot of unwanted questions when it comes to parenting.

Jessica Batten’s Family Portrait Needs Adjustments

She got engaged to Benjamin McGrath in Akash Winery in sunny California. Jessica Batten’s biggest challenge was to be a stepmom to Benjamin McGrath’s children from the previous relationship.

She was often asked how she deals with it. She has always been positive towards these questions. She finds it challenging, yet she is willing to put her best for those two kids.

Jessica Batten perhaps started nurturing herself as a mom from the beginning.

Jessica Batten mentioned it’s been an amazing experience for her. She has three children now. She wasn’t quite aware of what her future would look like. Now those three kids mean the world to him.

In the last three years, she learned about finding a balance with her kids and her Husband.

Jessica Batten needed to balance her relationship with the kids and husband altogether.

She indeed made a lot of sacrifices. But it’s all rewarding at the same time. She finds peace in the chaos.

Jessica Batten and Benjamin McGrath are planning to expand their family. She has been alone for a long time with her dog only. Now she has a full house, it just makes her happy.

Her perspective has changed over the years.