Nicki Minaj Turns Fabulous Forty

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj blows out her 40th candle. Fans all over the world wished her the best and the worst. As usual, some people fantasize about bullying. Nicki Minaj has another level of fanbase regardless of gender. She is praised because of her boldness and rawness in her lyrics. And some still making fun of her age.

Age Might Be The Issue For Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj stepped into her 40s and fans not leaving an opportunity to spare her even on her birthday. She has been a successful rapper in the music industry for more than a decade, but still, criticism and body shaming ain’t leaving her alone. Some fans even forgot to draw the line and shared something on Twitter and managed to keep the hatred alive that she is the oldest woman on the planet who has witnessed dinosaurs. Sexism peaking in the industry as Jay-Z mentioned hip-hop is a young man’s sport.

However, queen Nicki didn’t let her crown slip for once. She held her head high since the beginning and not to mention she has been the heartthrob of many young men and women. She has given all young and old people irrespective of gender, and physique goals. Her Super Bass made it to the billboard and ranked third after its release. Nicki Minaj is the only female rapper who has reached billions on youtube.

There is always a tug of war on social media about who is the best, and how some of the female rappers have made it till their 40s when others couldn’t. Whenever Nicki Minaj performs she set the stage on fire, and his twerking moves are godly. Nicki Minaj isn’t the only one who is still rocking in her 40s, Missy Elliot is 51, and last year she got her hall of fame.

As Dr.Hannah Swift defines these mean comments on age as ageism, when someone ages and people around them start to make fun of that, they like to discriminate. Nicki Minaj is aging like fine wine.