Nicole Richie, This Mother’s Day Shares A Rare Photograph Of Her Daughter Harlow

Nicole Richie

With the significant ladies in her household, Nicole Richie has been commemorating Mother’s Day. The 41-year-old former reality TV star used her Insta Stories to thank her mamma, Brenda H-Richie, and to post a cute picture with her 15-year-old daughter Harlow.

Nicole Richie wrote that they all loved her above a picture of her mom, her, Harlow, and her sis Sofia. Adding on to which she continued, Queen, Happy Mother’s Day. The next slides also had numerous old photos that Nicole Richie had posted of herself along with her mother. She captioned one thanking her for ensuring that their fits were tight as well as right in the entire 80s, she wrote in a picture where she and her mamma had identical outfits and haircuts.

Nicole Richie On Being A Working Mother And Having Specific Parental Tactics 

With her 44-year-old husband Joel Madden, Nicole Richie shares daughter Harlow and their 13-year-old son Sparrow. They have been together since 2009, and they fiercely guard their children. Richie rarely posts pictures of her children, but she has previously been candid about her style of parenting and the difficulties of a working mother.

The mother of two said that at times for women to know that someone with two kids is struggling to manage, seems a relief, to the media in 2015 September. It just boils down to doing what one can to achieve balance in their life. Every household is unique, every home is configured differently, and setting priorities is just a perpetual game that must be played every day, like a puzzle, she says. Over the previous five years, Richie has gained a lot of parenting knowledge, particularly during the pandemic, and says that she highly prefers being outdoors, playing, and being with nature a lot. Especially since people nowadays are so centered on technology, focused on video games or Zoom calls, she believes it is important to spend time with oneself close to nature.