Chris Tyson, A MrBeast YouTuber, Posts Intense “Glow Up” Pictures Following HRT

Chris Tyson

After beginning HRT, Chris Tyson has been providing their followers with an update. The social celebrity, who frequently appears with MrBeast via their well-liked YouTube channel of theirs, which has 153M subscribers, revealed an old picture of the two of them with an updated one on Monday.

In the post’s text, they added that the first picture was them when  Breath of the Wild was released and the second was when Tears of the Kingdom was released. The images display a new style for Chris Tyson, who began the procedure in February and show the online personality wearing similar black T-shirts.

Chris Tyson Speaks Up On How Availing Treatments Should Not Be Such A Hassle For Gender-Nonconforming Individuals

A significant portion of Chris Tyson’s almost 300K Twitter followers commented on the post in response, saying that Tyson had experienced a massive glow-up and looked amazing. Another commented that the star looked cute, while another said that she was happy for them. Tyson has been providing regular updates to their fans ever since the beginning of HRT, which has been described as a procedure that aids people who identify as gender non-conforming in achieving a more typically feminine or masculine appearance.

In an April tweet describing the procedure, Chris Tyson said that informed HRT saved not only theirs but several people’s lives after the knowledge of their metamorphosis started to appear in headlines. They also commented upon how insane it was that the many barriers gender-nonconforming individuals may have to overcome to receive gender-affirming as well as a life-saving treatment in a first-world nation. Chris Tyson mentioned in the same month that they were feeling good about the process and that their facial structure and hairline had already started to change. Back then they had said that they have become extremely body positive in the past two months.